Cloud BMS(B-a-a-S) Platform
  • 1Application of advanced algorithm of battery state estimation
  • 2Available for real-time battery monitoring and remote management
  • 3Available for various Li-batteries such as lithium ion, lithium polymer, lithium
LiFePO4 Battery
  • 1Equipped with battery overcharge protection circuit
  • 2Development of high-end BMS with high-precision battery state estimation technology
  • 3Provide cloud based connected services
EV/ESS Battery
  • 1Equipped with driving distance (or remaining energy) estimation logic
  • 2Equipped with battery cell level and pack level fault diagnostic logic (fire hazard detection)
  • 3Equipped with available energy and SOC estimation logic even under thermail deterioration
Battery Reuse System
  • 1Pre & Post Evaluation Technology
  • 2Mixed operation technology among heterogeneous cell types
Introduction to Battery-as-a-Service Of BETTERWHY
배터와이 소개 영상

Better-Why could upgrade all connected BMSs in the world through cloud-based big data analysis

Expected Result of B-a-a-S

Lifespan Extended battery life with custom control modes that take battery health and deterioration into account

Safety Stable battery operation through application of its own ACCS technology

Cost Cost reduction through increased battery usage efficiency

Battery reuse Contribution to the re-use battery market through quantitative

Way to come

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